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Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome Back

I've been bugging Mommy to let me back on the computer and start blogging again and she finally let me on. She found out my blog from earlier and grounded me from the computer for a bit... A LONNNNNGGG bit of time. But she finally let me back on as long as I don't announce my secret plan for world domination (or at least the house domination)

So much had happened since last time I wrote. I now have a girlfriend. I finally got her to submit to me and accept me for who I am and now it's happily ever after. Now I have a partner to take over the world (or the house), and she is a damn good partner too. Bwhahahahahaha.

Mommy moved us to a new, strange place. I am no longer living with Mommy and her parents. Where I had full run of the house to a smaller place with other strange people and they are all creepily silent. No voices around here except for Mommy's beautiful voice, that's all I hear plus loud clattering and laughing and some shouting but no voices it's creepy but kinda nice too. I mean we have big ears so everything is louder to us and at the old house that tall dude next room down from my Mommy's room keeps playing his damn music too loud and it gives me and Bella a headache. But here we don't get to go out much and explore, I think Mommy feels bad about that and I will make sure she does. She deserves to feel badly about this, (she got me and Bella a nice, cozy bed for us to lay on during the night, and I think if I keep making her feel bad she will buy us more stuff or do stuff for me, which is what I could use for domination. Just think a human robot that will do anything I tell her to. Bwhahahahahaha.