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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blueberries, carrots, bananas, heaven

I love food, I gulp down my veggies and pellets. I raid the hay. I also get lots of treats, even though my mommy tells granddaddy not to give me so many treats. All I have to do is be cute, snuggle up with mommy or granddaddy and I'll get a treat. It's great to be spoiled.

I also love digging on mommy shirt and biting holes into it. My favourite place is on the two big lumps on the front of mommy's chest. But it hurts mommy sometimes, so I give her kisses to say I'm sorry.

My goal is to completely ruin all of mommy's shirts. So far I got 4 with holes in it. hehehe. I may be pretty, and cute and cudding, but I'll wreck havoc if I want to.


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