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Friday, February 20, 2009

That'll teach her!

So every night my mommy and granddaddy puts me into mommy's room and lock me in. I hate that, usually I will run and won't go near them when I know they are trying to get me back. But they always managed to get me back in.

Throughout the nights I would growl, grunt, and rattle the gate just to bug them. But I don't think it works on my mommy because she doesn't hear me. I know it works on my grandmama, I know its bugs her throughout the night, I know because she gets up in the middle of the nights and doesn't go back to sleep for hours. bwhahahahaha. Serves them right.

Well another lesson I taught them this morning. Almost every night, the blond dog they call Angel, sleeps with my mommy on her bed. Well every morning, early morning I'm talking about sunrise early, the dog will wake up mommy to be let out. Hence the beginning of my plans. After days and weeks of watching and plotting, I finally figured it out.

This morning when I saw Angel waking up mommy, I ran and hid in a place where I will never tell anybody about. Mommy walked to that?) and when she opened the gate to let Angel out I dashed across and ran out before mommy could close it again. AT LAST FREEDOM!!!!

It was short-lived. Granddaddy got up shortly after that, and both of them searched for me but couldn't find me. Bwhahahaha I'm good at hide and seek. But that damn mommy tricked me. She shook the box of Martin's Apple Dumplings treats to make the noise that I love and I fell for it and ran back into her room. She closed the gate. Dammit. Got to stand up to my willpower. I can beat the apple dumplings, I don't need apple dumplings!!

If any other bunnies have a better plan for outsmarting their parents and helping me get over my apple dumplings addictions please let me know.


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  1. You need a partner in crime! You get that other bunny Bella to distract them with cuteness while you sneak out behind them and ransack the joint!